Sunday, March 4, 2018

March 2017 NEWS


Ms. Michelle's Class

Baturyn Playschool 2017/2018

A Peek at our Weeks

March Theme's: Sports, St. Patrick's, Easter, Under the Sea
Letters of the Month (3's): Oo, Pp, Qq 
Sounds of the Month (4's): G, O (short), U (short)
Science: colour mixing
Math: adding, subtracting,
Tiny Chefs: Not this month

Special Guests: Library (3's), Musical Munchkins (3's), Little Wonders Yoga (4's), Miss. Paula for Toe Tapping Threes
Colour: Green 
Shape: shamrock


Birthday Party day can be found by looking at your child's class calendar by clicking on their Class below.

- Luka
- Elijah 



Ms. Michelle - 10th

  ***Please Note******

On Birthday Party Day we will be decorating cupcakes and celebrating all the birthdays in the month on the one day.  If you wish to bring in a treat on your child's birthday it MUST BE store bought with the ingredients on the package. We do not allow any home baked goods. 

Thank You for your cooperation!

  •   PARKING IN THE PARKING LOT! Parents please make sure that anyone picking up/dropping off is aware of this policy. There are parking passes available for medical reasons.

  • Everyone picking up/dropping off please take off your shoes on the carpet to help us keep our floors clean!!


Baturyn Playschool Registration for 2018-2019

Our registration meeting for 2018-2019 is on Monday, March 19th @7 pm. Turn your registration forms in soon if you haven't done so already, classes are filling up.

Executive nominations for 2018-2019 will take place at the meeting. 

Thank you, to the out going board, it was a great year. You guys did awesome! Thank you for your dedication, and hard work. 

SPRING BREAK, school is out!

This year Spring Break will be from March 26th through to April 2nd. Classes will resume on April 3rd!

Enjoy your break and we will see you when you get back.
 Classroom Cleaning Night
We apologize for the inconvenience of the double booked hall. We understand this is extremely frustrating. We appreciate your understanding.
For future cleaning nights, if you have anyone that would like to come help you extra help is always appreciated. Just a reminder it is your responsibility to know your cleaning day. If you need to confirm please speak with or email Jenn, one of our clean nights co-ordinator.

The Newsletter can be found at the playschools website: under the heading Newsletter.
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IMPORTANT TIP -Class Calendars may change during the month from time to time please check it often in order to ensure that you are current with the events happening in your child’s class.
3AM Class Calendar
3/4PM Class Calendar
4AM Class Calendar
4PM Class Calendar

IMPORTANT TIP - If you are needing to notify the School that there is a change in who will either be picking up/dropping off your child please text/call Ms. Michelle or fill out the Alternate Drop Off/Pick Up Arrangements form found on the website at the following link:
Indoor Shoes
Please check to make sure your child’s inside shoes still fit. A lot of them are getting tight! Thanks!

Bike Days: Every second Tuesday and Wednesday, during gym, the children will get an opportunity to ride bikes/scooters in the gym to help with the dreaded cold winter. This is the last month.  Although if there are special guests it may be moved to a class day later in that week
HELMETS ARE MANDATORY! Please ensure you send your child's, properly fitting, bike helmet labeled with their name on these days. 
- 3AM  - Tuesday, March 6th, 20th
- 4AM & 4PM - Wednesday, March 5th & 21st
Tiny Chefs: not this month

Sport/Jersey Day
Your child is invited to come dressed in their sport outfit or jersey.
3AM Tuesday, March 6th
4AM & 4PM Wednesday, March 7th

St. Patrick's Party ~ WEAR GREEN!~ drink duty parents please bring apple juice, special snack roster will be posted Monday and Tuesday.
- 4AM & 4PM Wednesday, March 14th
- 3AM Thursday, March 15th

Easter Celebration: a special snack list will be put up
-4AM & 4PM Wednesday, March, April 4th
-3AM  Tuesday, March, April 3rd

Little Wonders Yoga:
4AM & 4PM Friday, March 12th &19th

Toe Tapping Three's:
Our dance class is returning!
3AM Thursday, March 15th, 22nd

Leprechaun Trap Making:
3AM Tuesday, March 13th
4AM & 4PM Monday, March 12th

Beach Day:
Your child is invited to dress for the beach but NO swimsuits please.
3AM Tuesday, March 20th
4AM & 4PM Monday, March 19th

Pirate Day:
Your child is invited to dress like a pirate for the day. For example: jeans, black pants, white shirts, bandana, etc... Please no swords. :)
3AM Thursday, March 22nd
4AM & 4PM Wednesday, March 21st

Edmonton Public Library Special Guest:
3AM Tuesday, March 6th

Edmonton Public Library Field Trip:
4AM & 4PM Friday, March 16th during morning class time. Both classes will be combined and therefore no afternoon class.

Musical Munchkins:
3AM Tuesday, March 13th

May Duty Parent Requests Due: If there are any days in May you cannot be a helper parent for please fill out a Parent Duty Request form by going to the following link: by Wednesday, March 21st. Please try to leave a few dates of availability. Your request will try to be accommodated the best it can be but please understand the duty day coordinator is trying to juggle other requests as well.

NO SCHOOL on the following days:
-Monday, March 6th to Monday, April 2nd (Spring Break, Good Friday & Easter Monday)
-Monday, May 21st (Victoria Day)

Apple of our Eye:
I have changed the Apple of our Eye. Each week we will feature a child on our wall. When it is your child's turn please have them bring in a collage for the wall. Please make it on 8.5x11" paper so it can be put in the memory books after. You can connect 2 or 3 pages together. Please include pictures, drawings and a little bit about them. Please encourage them to do some of the writing, especially their names. The 4's are getting really good at forming letters. We break down each letter to lines (tall and short ones) and circles. Some fun questions you can ask and put on the collage are:
-What is your favorite colour?
-What is your favorite animal?
-What is your favorite food?
-What do you want to be when you are older?
-What does mommy/daddy do while you are at school?
-How old will you be when you start working? etc...

We will start March 12th and 13th. 
March 13 - Luka
March 20 - Sasha & Danijela
April 3 - Everly
April 10 - Tyson
April 17 - Mila
April 24 - Elijah
May 1 - Annabelle
May 8 - Reet
May15 - Drake
May 22 - Anthony
May 29 - Peyton & Avery
June 5 - Aliya

March 12 - Emma
March 19- William
April 4 - Liam
April 9 - Corvin
April 16 - Chloe & Olivia (we can put two separate collages up)
April 23 - Calvin
April 30 - Adalynn
May 7 - Calleigh
May 14 - Lucy 
May 23 - Carter
May 28 - Rorey & Griffin 
June 4 - Jakob

March 12 - Emma
March 19 - Suhayla
April 4 - Matteus
April 9 - Gabriel
April 16 - Logan 

The four year olds have been working on their cutting skills and are doing awesome.

Over the next few months the threes will continue strengthening their pincher grasps and working more on writing their names. We have been working on problem solving, taking turns, and social skills. They are coming along quite nicely!  

Pete the Cat is coming for a sleep over!!!
The 4 year olds will get to bring Pete home. With him will be his favorite story and class journal. Each child will get a page to draw a picture, label or paste a picture of their adventures with Pete. They can practice writing their name on their picture and any other words. The letters we have done in class so far are: T, S, A, I, P, N, M, L, C, K, R, H, E, O, G, D. For example they could write: Pete the Cat, car, park, etc... Bring Pete back two class days later (for example: take home Monday, bring back Friday). When each child brings Pete back they will get to tell the class about their adventure.

Take Home Bags:
Starting next month the three year olds will be bringing home take home bags with activities to do with you. More to come later.

Teacher's Wish List:

We will be making Leprechaun traps next week please send your child with a few clean recyclable items that can be used. Some examples: plastic bottles, yogurt containers, cardboard, paper bags, etc... he is attracted to shiny objects .Nothing sharp please. Leprechauns can be sneaky, maybe we will actually catch him this year! 

Do you or someone you know work somewhere that would be neat for the class to tour? Or would you or someone you know want to be a guest in our classroom (for example: police, fire, radio station, EMS, etc...) If yes, please talk with Ms. Michelle.